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About us

Fist Pound

We are entrepreneurs

We have been where you are.  We know your passion, and we won't treat it lightly.  Having started companies and built our own brands, we know what it takes and won't take the opportunity to help you build your brand for granted.  We come alongside you and share in the success and feel the failure.   We don't churn and burn or take retainers.  If we don't think we can be successful, then we won't be working together.  Trust us with your passion. 

If you have experienced a "big broker," then you know what this means. An endless carousel of Business Managers can set up meetings, but lack the ability, skill, or drive to close a sale for you. After all, more sales mean more work for the same pay. We look at things differently. When you win, we win. We learn your business, invest the time to understand what it takes to get your product on the shelf, and work with your budget to implement a promotional plan to drive retail sales.




Whether you are a private label manufacturer, a National brand, or an emerging brand needing someone to pioneer your sales here in the Southeast, we are your partner. 

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