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Your IQF Fruit & Vegetable Partner



Foodservice | Retail | Industrial

With 25 years of experience in frozen fruits, let us be your sourcing partner.  We source domestically and from Central and South America and Europe.  Our expertise ranges from industrial to private label retail, from foodservice to highly complex smoothie or meal kits.  We can manage your project from farm to shelf. 



USA | Europe | Central & South America

We are IQF vegetable experts.  We have spent time in the Artichoke fields of Spain, the Onion plants of Poland, and the Blueberry fields of North Carolina.  Let us partner with you on your industrial, foodservice, and retail needs.  Our deep experience will allow you to get a global perspective on the market conditions.



Custom Blending| Industrial | Retail

Let us leverage our expansive Nationwide co-packing relationships and package your products in a location that minimizes your transportation costs.  We can reduce your cost of goods, enabling you to be more competitive, flexible, and ready to react to your growing business.  No longer can you afford to be locked into one co-packer. 

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